Christmas Gift Guide

DECEMBER HAS COME! And, of course, that means presents, presents, and more presents! But I don’t mean receiving them; as much as I love getting gifts (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t?), I really love giving out presents.

I just love picking out stuff that I think my friends and family would love, and I like seeing their faces when I knew that they really appreciated what I got them (it means I did something right, haha!).

The challenge of Christmas gifting, however, aside from looking for items which are budget-friendly, is getting fresh ideas of what to give people—and that most especially includes those you’re not really close with but it’s necessary to gift them.

So, Jasmine and I thought of gifts we could give our friends—what might be good to give them, and what we wanna receive as well. So this blogpost is for those who—like us—are getting their gifts at the last minute.