My Favorite 2017 Fashion Trends

Another year has gone, but it doesn’t mean our favorite trends should leave with it.

There are a lot of 2017 fashion trends I have tried and still want to keep wearing–until maybe it’s too out of style.

2017 had brought us different kinds of fashion trends. Some were too out there, some were flashy, but there are those that are just between practical yet stylish. And although the year has already ended, these are the trends I think we should keep with us ‘til 2018.



May it be in the form of tracksuits or a simple shirt and jogging pants, wearing this is just the perfect combination of comfy and stylish. This trend is just perfect for a break from the tiring high heels and extravagant outfits.




I have yet to try wearing these on! I know I’m super late to catch up on the bandwagon but, in all honesty, I didn’t have the moolah to spend on a pair of sandals I probably won’t wear. Either way, I still wanna try wearing this.


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Mules and backless loafers are probably my most favorite trend of 2017, and i don’t think I’ll stop wearing it just yet (I even asked a pair for Christmas). It’s practical and comfortable, especially in this always-warmManila weather, so I don’t see this trend dying so soon.


Put a bow on it! 🎀 Added these Tahari beige mules from @shop6pm to my collection and I can’t wait to wear them to re-style them for the office! 👌🏼👌🏼 Details in bio! #sponsored #lovetahari



Another fashion trend I’ve yet to try this 2018. Now that my shoe cabinet’s stocked with heel-less mules and sneakers, a pair of heels won’t be too bad. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I think sock boots would be more hyped the start of this year than the last.


From where I sit today…



Aside from a black beret, the next stylish hat I own is a bakerboy hat I recently purchased last Christmas season (because, why not?). Full disclosure though, I didn’t buy it because it was in but because of a certain boy named Taehyung .


Little throwback to the start of the month in Edinburgh! Exploring the Christmassy sights with freezing fingertips & a hot chocolate with my fave people! Can you believe Christmas is now less than a week away?! It’s flown by this year! 🎄



Sad to say, the gingham trend is one I wished I tried last year, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it out this 2018 either. I’ve been wanting to buy gingham blazers and skirts since I saw Jenn Im rocking it in one of her Youtube videos but I haven’t really seen a material that really spoke to me. So maybe this is one trend I won’t bring with me this year.


happy friday ✨ @imjennim in our dolores jumpsuit | shop