January & February digest

January really felt like a trial run of 2018 for me. Apparently, my laziness and self-discipline are still at the college level but nevertheless, it felt like a good start to the year. I listed a few concrete, visual, specific, and non-generic goals for me this year, and January went as expectedslightly failing on every single one of them.

February’s gone and I still haven’t found my groove. I’m still a bit clueless about how I’m going to make my stubborn ass form better daily habits and not give in to distractions, but change doesn’t come without a little bit of initial struggle, right? So I must be on the right track… hehe.

I actually wrote this intro at the beginning of March and now I’m posting it 22 days later. Still trying to apply little changes, taking notes, and learning to trust the process. Anyway, I’m looking to make this monthly digest, well, a monthly thing. Mostly to keep track of all the media I consume and check in if I’m seeking out good content or if I’m just procrastinating on work.

Sooo, I’m not gonna hold this off longer. Here are the things I really liked the past two months.


There wasn’t one conversation between me and Ian in January or even back in December where Rachel’s name or blog didn’t pop out of my mouth at least once. I’m trying to deviate from putting influencers or people I only know online on such a pedestal, but I love how I can look at her stuff and forget it’s her job.

It seems like she’s so in tune with herself, mostly because she admits she doesn’t know everything and exudes the perfect example of how it is to be okay with that, kind of like winging it sometimes (she’s the Carrie Bradshaw of LA), while also showing willingness to get better at it. She’s complimented a lot on her authenticity and I second all of them, but I love more how she responded and pointed out how it’s sad we don’t expect that from people right off the bat anymore, even in offline interactions. It’s like there’s always a filter on people’s personalities, and yep I believe that. Such an interesting concept.

Anyway, she made another #31daysofthatschic vlog series on her channel last December and I think it’s worth the watch, if only for some good tunes. Her taste in music is bliss. The way she matches songs with her videos is magic, no exaggeration (see her Paris vlogs, they’re basically movies).

She creates such a clear mood and sometimes you get so sucked in, you feel kind of lost at the end of it. Her website also got revamped recently and you probably haven’t seen anything like it yet. Do give it a visit!

I can’t recommend Rachel’s content enough, can you tell? She lives and breathes creativity and, if you ever need a boost of your own, her channel and website are such refreshing places on the world wide web. 🙂


Rex Orange County

Specifically, Sunflower and Loving is Easy. The ultimate bops! These two are, for the most part, the only songs I played throughout January. Also, I have to add in Loving is Easy‘s adorable music video. I played it almost everyday on Youtube and the top comment summed it up perfectly: it feels like some 90’s Saturday morning budget cartoon. Can’t say more, just hit play.

Sorah Yang’s travel diaries

One thing I love more than a polished and edited dance videos (aside from actually doing the dancing myself, duh) is behind-the-scenes clips of dancers going about rehearsals and trainings or choreographers showing their process.

I used to love watching Kyle Hanagami‘s Making Moves series before he stopped making them. With this, there are two travel diaries documenting Sorah’s trips to Japan and Australia where she taught and performed with a bunch of local dancers there. It’s just a close insight to a choreographer’s life, if you’re into that or are just naturally nosy or curious. The episodes are the quickest 27 and 17 minutes.

Sorah is also such a powerhouse. For a small person and as a dancer, she’s got insane energy, power and control. And in life in general, she’s kicking ass.

I thought I was just really impressed with the way she danced and that she’s so accomplished in that creative field, but I also really appreciate seeing someone like her who you wouldn’t normally see or isn’t usually represented in a leadership role. She touched on it briefly in the first episode and I never realized that she’s breaking down stereotypes just by being super good at what she does. She’s really doing it! What a woman!!!

The Walters – I Love You So Cover by Haley Blais

This is SO GOOD! Haley‘s voice is unmatched. Literally never heard anything or anyone sound like her when she sings.

I rarely ever listen to covers unless I already love the original, so naturally, I had to listen to this. I didn’t expect Haley’s sound to match The Walters‘ but obviously I was very wrong. Her voice is angelic and this song is a gem. Listen to this, preferably on your couch or bed after a long and tiring day and with your earphones on. You’re welcome!

The Importance of Doing What You Love by Elle Luna

I watched this one Sunday after a stressful work week filled with anxiety almost everyday. This sat in my bookmarks for almost a year and I couldn’t have watched it at a better time.

I feel like passion is an overused word now, especially on social media and in pop culture, but I hope it hasn’t lost its weight on you. It’s important to be reminded every once in a while and sometimes, the way I recharge is by listening to things I really need to hear. I think this is something everybody needs to hear.


Should” here is everything society tells you to do—and there are many of those. “Must” is the one thing you’ll do if you can do anything you want, and money is not an issue.

The talk delves deeper into what it feels and looks like to choose either of the two, and concludes with that you need to constantly choose your must, of course. We’re creative beings and I feel like it’s very destructive not to fulfill whatever the heck we’d been put here to do. For starters, I highly recommend ruminating on this concept.

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck

I mean, the title says it all. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say it’s hard not to worry ourselves with what other people think of us. That’s so true for me and it gets intense sometimes. If you’re the same, bookmark this and read over and over until you absorb everything. I’ve yet to do that.