Spring/Summer Trends Worth the Try

I AM FINALLY IN SOUTH KOREA—the land of KPop and fashion-forward people. I was so pumped, I immediately went to research mode on the Seoul Spring trends once I heard our visa got approved at the end of March.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country and we only have hot and hotter seasons, unfortunately we don’t get to experience Spring weather and its fashion. Luckily, I’d have the chance to do so in Korea!

I collated some of the 2018 Spring trends in Korea as well as the ones from NYFW Spring/Summer collection. Although we don’t have Spring season, these trends and looks would still look good and convenient for the upcoming summer season starting April in the Philippines.





After gathering these styles, I started planning my outfits for the two weeks we’re gonna stay in Korea. I think it’s essential to have your outfits planned as well for easy packing and lessening the hassle of bringing a lot of clothes you’re not even gonna use.