About Us

We are girls on the outside.

In a world run by industries and where connections are your most powerful weapon, we are the outsiders looking in as we do our own thing.

With the abundance of information thrown at us left and right, adding to the noise of our own doubts and negative self-talk, Girls on the Outside is a safe space for sharing obsessions, passions, and human stories that fall under varied interests: style, culture, lifestyle, and people.

Called a blogzine, Girls on the Outside aims to merge the best aspects of a blog and a magazine; to attain the balance between spontaneity, candor, and professionalism; and, ultimately, to create a platform for openness. We advocate for expression and vulnerability with each article.

You can expect specificity and fresh perspectives to various types of content, from on-trend recommendations to pop culture commentaries to relevant thought pieces, either in writing or visual art.